How to care for your Hooded Baby Towel



Bamboo fibers are very soft and delicate. For regular care: wash in cold water on a gentle wash cycle. For heavy stains: presoak in warm (less than 60°C) water. Always use a nonbleach detergent.



Bamboo fibers should be air dried flat either on an indoor rack or outdoor clothesline. Bamboos microfibre structure will allow for very quick drying naturally. If quicker drying is needed use a dryer on its lowest heat cycle.



Ironing should not be necessary but, should you need to, keep your iron dry and on a low setting. Scorching and yellowing can occur as the fibers begin to burn. Damaged fibers cannot be revived.

Loose Threads

 Due to Bamboo fibers soft and delicate nature, loose threads are inevitable. Please do not attempt to pull them out, as this can damage the towel further. Instead carefully trim the loose thread with sharp scissors.