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Hi, I'm Matthew Guiste, founder of Goodsprings.

I suffer from Misophonia and OCD, and after spending a number of years trying to find an employer willing to work around my conditions, I finally decided enough is enough.

That's when I decided that the only employer who is going to fully understand me, work around me, and help me support my family, is myself. 

The next step was figuring out how I would do that, so I started by studying business with the Open University, then got some experience by helping with a few other startups. After that, I was ready.

My Dream


As someone who suffers from a prominent condition, I know how it can take control of every part of your life: from crippling your social life to severely limiting employment opportunities.

I know there are awesome people and agencies out there that will help those with conditions, like me, but no matter where I went I always felt like an outsider, like they didn't really understand what I was going through.

My dream is to build a place where people like me are accepted, encouraged, and supported, but most importantly: understood.

My business is new and very small for now but one day it will grow and spread and become a place where people like me can go to find employment with those who understand what they are going through.

Our Future


I come from a family of animal lovers, in fact two of my family's three cats are rescue cats from a local animal shelter, a shelter my sister volunteered at for a long time. We also help feed local wildlife.

So it should come as no surprise that we care greatly about the ecosystem and the environment. That is why we use natural, organic, eco-friendly materials whenever we can.

As you can see, the future is important to me in so many ways: for my family, for my dream, and more. Which is why sustainability is at the core of Goodsprings business ethos, be it through using eco-friendly materials or providing quality products that will last a lifetime.

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